The Power of Residential Consumer Bridge Loans (Part 2)

Many times, money is left on the table by not helping clients complete small renovations, fix up, and stage their property before sale. A bridge loan can pay for itself by making the property turnkey, thus capturing a higher sales price. In turn, mortgage professionals and real estate agents can make more money, help more clients, and close more transactions.

The bridge loans we have originated have brought tremendous benefits to the real estate agents, mortgage professionals, and homeowners involved. In 2020, eighty percent of the homes we secured for a bridge loan, sold for more than our estimated internal value. Clients had winning bids on their next purchase because they were able to make non-contingent offers, and then sell their existing homes without pressure and ensure they made enough to cover the cost of their new homes.

Moreover, the ability to buy before selling is a huge convenience for most clients. A bridge loan makes that possible.

Once you begin to understand the power of our unique bridge loans, you won’t be able to wait to start offering this exciting option to your clients and real estate agent partnerships.

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