Arrival Home Loans Case Studies

At Arrival Home Loans, we understand that not all borrowers fit into a uniform set of underwriting guidelines. As a direct lender, our team of out-of-the-box thinkers carefully examine each loan scenario and formulate a plan of action around the borrowers unique individual circumstances. If needed, exceptions are granted to keep the process moving forward.

We have compiled a set of common real-life examples that demonstrate how our team can find solutions to problems that could potentially derail progress with less innovative lenders.

Golden Gate Bridge from Tiburon California

Case Study: Fast Close + Self-Employed Borrower

SITUATION Borrower in escrow on a $4.5M purchase in Woodside. Borrower putting over 30% down. Highly qualified (790 FICO). CHALLENGE Despite the borrower on the surface, being highly qualified for a Jumbo loan, he was self-employed. The traditional lender declined his loan as the current income was not yet verifiable via tax returns, leaving the… Continue reading

Home Purchased in Arizona using a bridge loan

Case Study: Multi-State + Cross-Collateralized

SITUATION The client wanted to downsize and purchase a new build in Scottsdale, Arizona but had not yet sold her home in Westlake Village, California. CHALLENGE The couple could not qualify with mortgages on both homes. New homebuilders generally will not accept a purchase offer that includes a sale contingency. Additionally, a multi-state purchase and… Continue reading

Case Study - Home Purchased in Danville, CA using a bridge loan

Case Study: Success With Less Than Perfect Credit

SITUATION A husband and wife with strong financial standing risked forfeiting their escrow process and non-refundable deposit on a house in Danville, CA due to an erroneous tax lien impacting their credit. CHALLENGE The conventional loan was denied until the lien could be cured, which would have caused them to lose their offer and deposit…. Continue reading

Tiburon, California Home

Case Study: Close Fast And Move On Up

SITUATION Borrowers were planning to list their $2M home in the spring, but their forever home came on the market over the winter. They had to make a quick offer, needing funds to close on a $2.6M purchase in Tiburon. Borrowers were well-qualified for conventional (800+ credit with strong assets) but it was not an… Continue reading

Larkspur, CA home | Equity used to secure funding for the new home

Case Study: A Classic Buy Before Sell Scenario

SITUATION A homeowner moving from Larkspur, CA to Novato, CA had his down payment equity tied up in the unsold Larkspur house and would have to make a risky non-contingent offer to place a competitive bid. CHALLENGE The borrowers were unable to qualify with two larger mortgages. Without an alternative, the borrower would have been… Continue reading

Retirement home purchased with a bridge loan

Case Study: Downsizing with Limited Income

SITUATION A retired couple with limited income was in contract to purchase a home for $1.1M home (downsizing). Their current home was on the market for $2.6M but was not yet in contract. They had a short timeline for closing on their purchase. CHALLENGE Due to their limited income, they could not qualify for a… Continue reading

Home in Petaluma, CA purchased with the assistance of a bridge loan

Case Study: The Challenges of a Self-Employed Borrower

SITUATION The customer was self-employed with multiple business ventures, which created an inconsistent personal income stream. The borrower also chose to invest his savings opportunistically rather than hold them in banks. CHALLENGE Traditional lenders like to see cash reserves in liquid accounts and prefer to see “seasoned” capital that has laid idle for months, which… Continue reading