Case Study: Success With Less Than Perfect Credit


A husband and wife with strong financial standing risked forfeiting their escrow process and non-refundable deposit on a house in Danville, CA due to an erroneous tax lien impacting their credit.


The conventional loan was denied until the lien could be cured, which would have caused them to lose their offer and deposit. The lender referred them to Arrival for a bridge loan.


Due to the subjectivity allowed in private lending, we looked beyond that artificially deflated credit score and performed due diligence to provide the borrowers with a bridge loan for $950,000.


The couple was able to perform, not lose their deposit, and close escrow. Within a few months, the couple’s credit had recovered from the tax lien error, so they were able to refinance out of our loan into a traditional long-term loan with the referring loan officer.

Arrival always refers borrowers back to the referring loan officer for the takeout.

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