Case Study: Multi-State + Cross-Collateralized


The client wanted to downsize and purchase a new build in Scottsdale, Arizona but had not yet sold her home in Westlake Village, California.


The couple could not qualify with mortgages on both homes. New homebuilders generally will not accept a purchase offer that includes a sale contingency.

Additionally, a multi-state purchase and sale cannot be easily solved by power buyers or lenders not equipped to do multi-state cross-collateralized lending.


Arrival’s solution collateralizes two properties in one loan eliminating the need for multiple transactions, leasebacks, and other points of friction while also allowing the client to purchase the new home in Arizona before selling their California residence.


With our bridge loan, the client was able to complete the purchase of her new home and move to Arizona without the weight and wait of selling first. The client subsequently paid off her Arrival loan within 6 months through a refinance using the conventional lender who first referred her to Arrival Home Loans.

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