Case Study: Fast Close + Self-Employed Borrower

Tiburon California


Borrower in escrow on a $4.5M purchase in Woodside.

Borrower putting over 30% down. Highly qualified (790 FICO).


Despite the borrower on the surface, being highly qualified for a Jumbo loan, he was self-employed.

The traditional lender declined his loan as the current income was not yet verifiable via tax returns, leaving the borrower in jeopardy of losing his $120K earnest money deposit.


The client qualified for a $3,000,000 bridge loan and closed in 10 days.


Within 7 months, the client was able to find a new lender who was able to refinance the borrower into a 30-year fixed Jumbo loan after filing his taxes.

Arrival Home Loans does not charge a prepayment penalty for early payoffs.

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